DHS Ground Transportation Services

Provide a fleet of vehicles (buses, vans, and sedans), teams of armed transport officers, firearms, restraints, and all equipment needed to safely escort and maintain custody of detainees in transport. We operate 24/7 out of several regional hubs to efficiently meet both regular and on-demand route requests for transport between detention facilities, transportation points, hospitals, and courts.

Logistics Support

Worldwide life-cycle management of aircraft sub systems, airfield services, base supply management, deployment support, material requisitioning, detailed documentation, asset disposition, inventory control, shipping and receiving and general warehousing.

Aviation Support Services

Aircraft flightline maintenance services (rotary & fixed-wing) management control, hangar programmed and scheduled maintenance, arrival, ground handling, replenishing, departure, emergency response, disaster preparedness, special event & exercise program planning, training management services, crash recovery, and technical order management.

Aerial Delivery Services

World Class operational support in coordination with United States Military Aircrews for Aerial Delivery Flight Services to include: rig and prepare Aerial Delivery pallets, aircraft loading and unloading, drop zone recovery, Airdrop Malfunction Review Board participation and facility maintenance.

Facilities Operation & Maintenance (O&M)

Operation and Maintenance of Government owned facilities including management, supervision, highly motivated craftsman to include engineers (Heat / Chill Plant) and HVAC Technicians.

Contract Air Terminal Operations (CATO)

Aircraft ground handling service to facilitate arrivals and departures, load and unload aircraft, management of government and contractor conveyances, and load planning and passenger services. We also provide passenger and cargo processing, security screening, vehicle maintenance, warehouse storage and janitorial/custodial services.

Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE)

Total program management: Inspection, evaluation, repair, refurbishment & corrosion control, painting, operational check-out and certification (to design specifications) of AGE and ground support equipment (GSE), to include fleet-wide programmed maintenance management.

Multi-function support service (MFSS)

Provided facilities support, custodial, pest control, integrated solid waste management, and environmental services.

Inter-American Air Forces Academy (IAAFA) Trainer Maintenance

Manage all the Ground Instruction Training Aircraft (GITA), Training Aircraft Aids (TAA), mock ups, and support equipment/aerospace ground equipment (AGE) utilized for the 318 TRS training mission. We ensure equipment is maintained to applicable standards and available to meet instructor and student needs as required to support the mission.

Airfield Support Services

Programmed and on demand aircraft corrosion control / wash services, fleet services, aircraft deicing, anti-ice & fluid recovery management functions, hazardous waste / material management (HAZMAT) & spill response.